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How our site works

We are an online shopping website bringing buyers and sellers together to take advantage of buying and selling in bulk quantities. This gives buyers power to get discounted price even for a single item, and gives sellers an opportunity to sell their products in volume.
In single purchase action, multiple buyers can buy the product and multiple sellers could sell to one or multiple buyers.
All purchases end at 5:30pm. That's where we get our name!


There is no fee to use our website.
• Search for the product you are looking for
• If there are others buying the same product, join that purchase group to create a bigger volume
• If there is no other buyer, you request an offer and be the first one in the purchase group
• You name your price.
To get best availabe offers there are only two important rules to follow:
• Authorize your payment as early as possible. Payment authorized requests take priority over other requests
• Name your price realisticaly, so you don't have to change it again. When you change your price, you will loose your place and the advantage of being before other buyers

We don't collect nor store your payment method info, period. All authorizations are done thru secure Stripe payment pages.

No purchase required. You can cancel your request at any time, even if you authorized your payment

We don't charge you until you authorize the payment and purchase was completed


• Search for the products you are selling
• You make an offer
To be able to sell as many as possible there are only two important rules to follow:
• Place your best price as early as possible. In case of other sellers offering at the same price, yours will take priority
• Place as many as in your available stock, even if there is not that many request yet. If other buyers join the group later, you will be selling them too
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