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How our site works

We are collecting and combining orders from multiple buyers then letting our Authorized resellers to bid on entire order
• When sellers compete, buyers get discounted prices even for a single item
• By discounting, Sellers have opportunity to sell in bulk quantities
All biddings end at 5:30pm. That's where we get our name!


There is no fee to use our website
Tell us what product and when you would like to buy (We will combine your request with other buyers)
To get the best available offer there is only one rule:
Authorize your payment as early as possible if you like the offer
   • We won't charge you until the bidding ends
   • You can cancel your request at anytime before the bidding ends
   • The price may come down even more, after you authorized your payment
   • We won't store your Credit Card information. All authorizations are done thru secure Stripe payment processor.


To be able to sell as many as possible, there are only two rules:
• Place your best price as early as possible. In case of other sellers offering at the same price, yours will take priority
• Place as many as in your stock, even if there is not that many requests yet. If other buyers join the group later, you will be selling them too
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